Debt collection

Amicable debt collection

Because it is always better to seek an amicable settlement,  PROGERIS  will make every effort to obtain voluntary payment from your debtors, through the channels of negotiation and conviction.

Our actions consist in reminding your  debtors  of their obligations and obtaining from them a quick settlement or a commitment to pay within a deadline granted by your company.

Our plan of action is devised to exclusively preserve your commercial interests and keep the dispute out of court :

  • Because legal and enforcement costs are important, and sometimes totally disproportionate to the principal to be recovered ;
  • Because time, bureaucratic red tape and the length of procedures can jeopardize the recovery of debts.

We put at your disposal an arsenal of  methods  and tools as well as the most appropriate means of action and conviction :

  • Comminatory letter,
  • Phone calls  made by our managers and lawyers,
  • Negotiation and setting up of moratoriums and schedules of repayment,
  • Home visits  undertaken thanks to a  network of correspondents  in France and abroad …

These steps are undertaken by a network of national and international correspondents, selected for their performance, in permanent contact with the person in charge of your case files.

Means of action are chosen according to a frame of reference and criteria suiting your individual case, your economic situation and the sum owed by your debtors.

A partnership is sealed between us … under the premise of trust and result.

Judicial debt collection

35 years of experience.

Lawyers of PROGERIS SAS  analyze and act in the best of your interest, which is also ours. Their expert command of procedures, right of recourse and the ministerial officers’ scale of charges is our guarantee.

Judicial recovery is the recourse to justice in order to established by a court of law the right of the creditor. Disputes, contest, abusive resistance are the various obstacles that require a new line of action and the intervention of lawyers and the judge. PROGERIS  monitors all court proceedings.

The most effective means

PROGERIS SAS is committed to the protection of your interests and the respect of your debtors. We offer the most effective and modern means of judicial recovery.

The role of PROGERIS’ partners.

For this purpose, our firm works in close collaboration with partners such as lawyers and bailiffs who intervene effectively in :

  • Obtaining a  writ of execution
  • Notification and enforcement of the judgment against a defaulting and recalcitrant debtor.

The types of procedures.

Conditions for obtaining a judgment or an order vary according to the procedures which were implemented. At the stage of submission to the competent court, it is necessary to distinguish three completely controlled procedures :

  • The request for an order to pay
  • Application for summary judgement or interim relief
  • Summons for a substantive examination of the case

The constitution of your file.

The quality and relevance of your documents justify the choice of recourse. Our legal department can help you in drawing up the documents.

We offer these services both in France and in the rest of the world.

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Our lawyers study your case

We listen to your situation in order to offer you the most appropriate solution to your needs and constraints.

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